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Everyday things that she flips out of her usual contexts ...

The starting point for Sissa Micheli’s photographs, videos and objects are everyday things that she flips out of her usual contexts. The objects are symbolically charged and woven into a dense network of references.
”City of Liars” is part of a series of works in which the artist takes ice cream cones as a typical element of Italian culture as a starting point. The cones are piled on top of each other, sometimes to fake noses reminiscent of Pinocchio, sometimes to tentacles or, as in “City of Liars”, to a dazzling city centre, which, mounted on a revolving stage, receives an additional cinematic component. The silhouette of the city is reminiscent of real and fictional places, the Sagrada Familia as well as Neuschwanstein Castle or Supermans Krypton. The golden shiny coating alludes to the seductive display of global financial centers whose influence extends far beyond the city’s borders. „City of Liars“ is shown for the first time in 2013 at the exhibition „ICECREAM & POLITICS“ (Goethe 2) in Bozen; in this connection, Micheli also integrates Silvio Berlusconi into the multifaceted work via the Italian plural form coni for the German term for ice-cream cone.

Born 1975 in Bruneck (BZ), Italy; lives and works in Vienna.
1994-2001 Studies of English and Romance Studies, University of Vienna;
2000-2002 School for artistic photography, Vienna;
2002-2007 Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts; Graduation with the Academy Award 2008;
2007-2012 Lecturer at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media Technology in Venice.

Various scholarships and awards, such as the Austrian State Scholarship for Artistic Photography in 2015.

MUSEION – Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art, Bolzano; Austrian Cultural Forum, London; Künstlerhaus Graz; Halle für Kunst und Medien, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; Project Space, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna; MUSA Startgalerie Wien, Vienna; Kunst Meran, Merano; Galerie Goethe, Bolzano; Bäckerstraße 4 – Plattform für junge Kunst, Vienna.

Museum der Moderne, Salzburg; Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz; Audain Gallery, Vancouver; Künstlerhaus, Klagenfurt; Parlament Wien, Vienna; Cité internationales des arts, Paris; Spazio Gerra; Reggio Emilia.