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Images of deeply experienced inner insights ...

For Margareth Dorigatti, painting is a means of exploring the depths of existence. In wrestling with herself and the matter, she brings images of deeply experienced inner insights to the canvas.

In the series of works “Erlkönig” she mediates between the poles of the tangible content of Goethe’s ballad of the same name and the wide field of his interpretation. In her search, she traces the unspoken, the blanks that open up behind the harmless interpretations, and reads the poem as a ballad about paedophilia: The father is the king of the elves, the child his victim (W.D. Wilson, “Goethe Männer Knaben”).
Art is not a refuge here, muchmore a place of approach to the darksides of human existence. On the canvases the layers of paint overlap, producing dark shadows of ambivalent timbres. Through the removal of distances and the fusion of the figures, they lead the viewers close to the abyss, where one can only guess the unspoken.

Born in Bolzano in 1954; lives and works in Rome and Berlin.
From 1973 studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice with Emilio Vedova.
1975 Change to the University of the Arts in Berlin: Courses for visual communication with the focus on painting, graphics, photography.
1979 Study stay in New York.
1984 Moves to Rome.
1988-92 Teaching at the Accademia di Belle Arti L’Aquila, from 1992 at the Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna and since 2005 in Rome.
Guest lecturer at the University of the Arts in Berlin and at the Academy of Arts in Munich.

Galerie EM, Berlin; Teatro dell’Opera, Rome;  Galerie ESCA, Nîmes; Château des Pondres, Lyon; Galerie Macadam Theater, Hamburg; Galerie EST, Bastille/Paris; Museo Archeologico di Palazzo Barberini, Palestrina; Galerie Prisma, Bolzano;  Galerie Goethe, Bolzano; “S.P.Q.R”, Galleria MAC, Rome.

Funkturm Alexanderplatz, Berlin; Galleria Studio Mazzoli, Modena; Triennale Internazionale di Arte Sacra, Celano; Galleria Lo Studio, Rome; Castel Katzenzungen, Prissian; Galleria Studio 6, Verona; Galerie Klemens Gasser, Bolzano; Galerie Goethe, Bolzano.