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Reveal a sensual view of the magic in reality ...

Karin Welponer’s desire to become an illustrator of valuable books leads her to the Academy in Munich. Her multi-layered artistic work, which includes not only painting and sculpture, but also interventions in nature, has developed far beyond that. What remains is the drawing as a continuity in her work, which, thanks to its constant availability, offers itself to record what has been seen, to condense it or to advance it into new forms.

In her painting from the 70s, she transforms concrete impressions of her travels, such as the lush vegetation of the Seychelles, into fantastic landscapes. The oil paintings, executed almost in the techniques of the old masters, reveal a sensual view of the magic in reality. In playful imaginative transformations, which show an affinity for René Magritte’s pictorial worlds, she reinterprets familiar realities, dislocates the pictorial elements in their relations and charges them symbolically. Munich, which was a center of New Objectivity in the 1920s, may have been a good breeding ground for this.

1941 born in Bolzano
1957-1959 Blocher School of Graphics, Munich;
1959-1964 Academy of Fine Arts, Munich.
From 1970 working as a commercial graphic artist (narrative painting in advertising) and as a freelance artist.
Since 1975 member of the New Munich Artists’ Cooperative;
1984 Founding of the Galerie Museum;
1985 Founding member of the ar/ge kunst, Galerie Museum, Bolzano;
1986-1993 Member of the Executive board of the exhibition management Haus der Kunst, Munich.
1993 Return to South Tyrol.

Various awards, such as the Seerosen Prize of the City of Munich 1990.

Galerie Baumeister, Munich; Tiroler Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck; Galerie Dorn, Stuttgart; Landshuter Galerie, Landshut; Galerie im Rathaus, Munich; Galerie Gefängnis Le Carceri, Kaltern; Schloss Kastelbell, Kastelbell-Tschars; Dominikanergalerie, Bolzano; Galerie Goethe, Bolzano; ar/ge Kunst Galerie Museum, Bolzano.

Galerie Hammer, Berlin; Librairie-Galerie La Hune, Paris; Schloss Köfering, Regensburg; Kunstverein Bad Aibling; Alter Botanischer Garten, Munich; 1974-1999 Annual participation in the Great Art Exhibition at Haus der Kunst, Munich.