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In exhibition rooms on the ground floor, temporary exhibitions are shown, which always have a strong connection to the art collection.

Opening hours of the temporary exhibition

13.10.2020 – 08.03.2021

Tuesday         10am – 6pm
Wednesday    10am – 6pm
Thursday        10am – 6pm
Friday             10am – 6pm
Saturday         10am – 6pm
Sunday           10am – 6pm

24th and 31st December 10am-3pm
25th December and 1st January closed

We kindly ask for your understanding that no more than 30 people are currently allowed in the exhibition rooms at the same time.

Weibrations the feminine side - il lato femminile

13.10.20 – 08.03.21

The second special exhibition at the Museum Eccel Kreuzer sheds light on female impulses in the local art scene of the 20th century and focuses on the female artists of the collection.

The selection of female artists range from the first generation of women, who after the First World War, had access to private schools, schools of applied arts as well as art academies to contemporary women who participate internationally in the current art scene.

The protagonists of the show are Julia Bornefeld, Maria Delago, Margareth Dorigatti, Hilde Goldschmidt, May Hofer, Elisabeth Hölzl, Gina Klaber Thusek, Erika Giovanna Klien, Sissa Micheli, Berty Skuber, Esther Stocker and Karin Welponer. Their artworks create a panorama of female art that leads into the 21st century, following the major social and cultural developments of the time.

The artists of this exhibition

Berty Skuber | Elisabeth Hölzl | Erika Giovanna Klien | Esther Stocker | Gina Klaber Thusek | Hilde Goldschmidt | Julia Bornefeld | Karin Welponer | Margareth Dorigatti | Maria Delago | May Hofer | Sissa Micheli

Karl Plattner Photographs of a painter

22.11.19 – 06.01.20

To honour the 100th anniversary of Karl Plattner (1919–1986), the most important South Tyrolean painter of the post-war period, we dedicate the first exhibition in the new rooms of the Artspace Eccel Kreuzer to a side of the artist largely unknown to the public. Two years after the death of Karl Plattner, an extensive and surprising series of black and white photographs were found in his estate. These images show landscapes of the upper Venosta Valley, the Oltradige and from the village Fiè. Plattner worked with a medium format camera of 6 x 6 cm. The photographs have been taken mostly in the wintertime, when the bare landscapes reveal their geometric structures. This showcases and suited the analytical eye of the artist. The photographs served as a basis for his work as a painter. Within many of his works one can recognise details of the photographs.