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A quiet analogy to the freshly fallen snow ...

Elisabeth Hölzl’s works arise from the interaction with materials, objects, buildings and their stories. In recent projects, she explores through the medium of photography inner and outer spaces, which are inherent of visible traces of the past and transience. The photo series, which are usually created over a longer period of time, combine documentary aspects and the artist’s personal view, which alludes to enigmatic connections.

The works from the late 1990s, which are represented in the collection, are part of the “Desiderio” series of works, which can be translated with wishes or desires. Paper fliers, with which one can playfully send messages, form a stylized flower in the work “Mi ama, non mi ama”, which alludes to the Daisy oracle.
The white cloth embroidered white on white with the line of poems by N. C. Kaser forms a quiet analogy to the freshly fallen snow mentioned in it. Just as a blanket of snow swallows familiar colors and shapes, the poet’s words are visible in the finest white nuances alone as delicate relief, the potential of transformation, renewal and extinction of snow thus sensually tangible.

Born in 1962 in Merano, where she also lives and works.
Diploma of sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna.
2003 Work scholarship for New York;
2004 Work scholarship for La Havana, Cuba.

Galerie Gefängnis LeCarceri, Kaltern; Galerie Antonella Cattani Contemporary Art, Bolzano; Galerie Les Chances de L’Art, Bolzano; Galleria Il Vicolo, Genoa; Emanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Cologne; Galerie artMbassy, Berlin; Intro Gallery, Sofia (BG).

including Mart Rovereto; Stadtgalerie Kiel; Kunst Merano; Museion – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bolzano; ArgeKunst Galerie Museum, Bolzano; Italian Cultural Institute, Hamburg; Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce, Genoa; Stadtgalerie Schwaz; Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Roma.